The RNLI saves lives at sea.

Appreciation For Gail Smith By Kayleigh Gunngigle

hey Aunty Gail, me again! feel like I have so much to tell you.... Looking forward to my graduation next month! Nicoles moaning coz uni only letting me bring 2 people! But you don't need a ticket do you :) I just KNOW you'll be there beaming with pride! Going for a meal afterwards, sorrento of course! I would give anything for you to be there. You missed my 21st it was a ball! me and Abbie sipping wine and beer haha Abbs is so funny when she has a drink...of lemonade haha ahhhh she starts offending people after a lemonade its so funny! And you would LOVE LOVE LOVE my penthouse,,, my living room is PINK floral haha proper girly girls flat. Its a bit strange being here totally on my own but sometimes am sat there and i know youre there with me watching tv. Its strange because when I seem to think alot about you a song that reminds me of you comes on. A few weeks ago i was driving to my mums an i got this strong feeling you were there and will young leave right now came on the radio..... well i burst into tears! how crazy is that hey :) I would give anything for you to be here with us right now. We need you back and i wish it was that easy and you could just come back. I miss you. It's not fair. Why somebody else couldnt have taken your place il never know. Its hard going to your grave and i can hear you know telling me of for going 'dont be crying at my graveside' i can hear you saying it and being so mad at me for getting upset because you never wanted to make anybody upset ever. Ha i was in work the other day and no matter what came on and it was all i could do not to cry but they cut the end of the song which cheered me up coz i could imagine you having a moment coz they didnt play the end the song ahhh your a case :) and now i have sweet an sour banana fritters in my head haha im actually laughing now 'come on kids dont be wasting your tea, theres kids starving in africa' haha they were so disgusting! you meant alot... no you MEAN alot to me, to us all. Dad misses you, its so hard for him you were so close. Aunty Gail will see you soon, please visit me in my dreams. I love you. x x x x x x

Added on: 24 June 2011


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