The RNLI saves lives at sea.

Appreciation For Gail Smith By Abb Gunnigle

I've wrote a couple of these haven't I?
I shouldn't have to though, I shouldn't have to write, I should be able to ring you, hear your voice, re-assure me your there, but nope:/
You were in my dream the other night, woke up with tears on my face, weird ay?
Our Kayleigh's nearly finished uni, times flew!
Our Nicole's doing her driving lessons now, and me, I'm doing my options in highschool, havn't seen you since primary school,
can't believe you havnt been with us for so long, kills me to think that,
gotta stay strong thou,
Dad still tears up, I do, I guess everyone does, seen as you meant the world to us; it's crazy,
I'm sitting here, typing, thinking of every good memory with you, halloween, christmas, bon-fire night, and those nights we came to yours just to see you,
I guess, even thouu its been so long, all of us are still not used to it, we talk about you all the time, 'remember when we went to auntie gails and..' I always end up tearing up, even though its always a good story, mad.
you still mean the world to me, i love you so much, i cant describe, hope to see you soon gorgeous,
I love you, remember that, I won't ever forget you, so don't you dare forget me;)
Keep everyone in their order up there,
goodnight; I love you. <3<3

Added on: 1 May 2011


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