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Appreciation For Gail Smith By Sylvy Hughes

Gail, my lovely sparkling neice, where do I start?

I can only say what I feel and I am gutted you are no longer with us. You were one of the most generous people I have ever met. I really don't think you truly appreciated the profound impact you had on everyone who knew you. You were so very, very special. My heart is broken.

I will never, never forget what you did for me personally. Remember, in my hour of need when you took the weight of the world off my shoulders so I could see the light of day again? You know what I'm on about. I will never forget.

Remember the gang, your brother Alan and your cousins Craig and Jason. You were always together. I loved having you round to my house. Remember when you modelled for me at Wigan Tech Fashion Show, I've still got the photo from 1977. And when you joined the Cadets with Craig. You grew up so quickly.

I have so many memories of you that I didn't think were important at the time. You never do, do you?

I know you'll get them organised up THERE but down here were're not so lucky. We're missing you with a damned passion every one of us.

Rest easy my sweat babe, until we meet again.

Greiving Aunty Sylvy

Added on: 29 January 2008


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