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Appreciation For Gail Smith By Laura Smith

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Mum... my best friend, my sister, my gossip buddy and idol.

I wanted to write here because I can't talk to you and I feel my heart break every time I realise we cannot talk again. I hope that I will see you in my dreams one day. As your only girl we had a connection so deep, we were a team against our boys! I am so like you, that is is almost hard to be around myself right now. Without you, so many things feel incomplete. I will do everything in life to honour the things you taught me and I will stay strong for Dad and the boys. You are my example in life and love. I will never forget the times we laughed so hard we couldnt breathe, or our late night chats and the way you made me feel so special. With you as my mum, I felt stong, supported and loved. I want to be positive but I have to admit, now you are gone I find it difficult to breathe as you were the air in my lungs.

I know you are in heaven, in the arms of an angel and I believe you are watching over us. I will never understand why you had to go, why you were needed somewhere else and why we lost the rest of our lives with you. I had so many plans that involved you. The last time I saw you, I showed you a new dress and asked what you thought. You said you loved it. I knew the last time we would speak would have to be about clothes!!!

I will tell my children all about you. I will tell them how sweet and funny you were, and how the love you & dad have is so special and rare.

It is so unfair that I have to write this... goodbye Mum. You are irreplaceable.

Flossy-Ann xxxxx

Added on: 27 January 2008


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