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Appreciation For RICHARD EDWARD PERRY By Helen Conway

I will never forget Rich and all the times we had together growing up. Whenever I think of him, I cannot believe that he has gone as my memories of him are so clear in my mind, and always will be.
There was one time when we were children and Rich, Bec and I were playing coach and horses on Auntie Marg and Uncle Edward's bed (anyone would think we had grown up in Victorian times!). Rich was the driver and Bec and I were the passengers. Rich decided he needed to be higher up as the driver (very important) and put Auntie Marg's dressing table stool on the bed and did a 'giddy-up' type action on it. Well, one of the legs inevitably snapped off and after our initial horror we all fell about laughing so hard my ribs ached. Rich taped the leg back on with sellotape (before he got his engineeering mind into gear I think) and Auntie Marg got a shock the next time she down on it.
I've got a million other memories; like the cap that Rich had from an Air Show that he refused to take off for weeks and Auntie Marg had to sneak it from his pillow to wash when he was sleeping, or the time when we decided to set a Nature club- Rich carefully painted all our membership cards, then during one of our first meetings squashed all ladybirds, spiders etc etc, much to our displeasure. He was sacked from the group.
Later in life, I will never forget the times when Rich used to drop by into my flat on his way home from work and no matter how stressed from work I was, his laid-back nature would rub off on me. In my mind, Rich's little mannerism like his silent, opened mouthed laugh; his casual, arms crossed and nodding as he listened stance, leaning against the aga; and his smile as he would scare us with little tricks (the piece of cotton threaded through his nostrils springs to mind) will never, ever fade for me. I only wish he was still around for us to all be making more happy memories and I am determined his memory will live on.

Added on: 7 January 2008


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