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Appreciation For RICHARD EDWARD PERRY By Penny Barford

Richard was a lovely person, quiet and easy going but always ready to try anything that appeared to be fun. He was kind, generous, and he would do anything for, or share anything of his, with anyone. He acheived and experienced more in his 28 years than most will do given a whole lifetime. He had his life snatched from him when he was just starting to live it, he had so much more to do.
As a child Richard was always 'busy' he wanted to know how everything worked and even at such a young age he had a great capacity for understanding anything mechanical. As an adult he was a very talented engineer, he could look at a piece of machinery and understand how it did what it did - a great gift!
Perhaps my fondest memory of Rich is our whole family sitting around a restaurant table after a celebratory meal, the bill would arrive and everyone would start to pull out purses and wallets mentally caculating what their portion of the bill was and checking to see if it was correct. Richard, unaware of what he had to pay (and certainly would never check or look at the bill) would pull out a fat roll of notes from his pocket and present them to his mom or sister who would duly relieve him of the required amount, he would then push the roll of money back into his pocket. No words were exchanged!

It is still difficult to comprehend that he will not come to anymore family parties, and it is painful to know that we must live our lives without his physical presence, but memories will live for ever and he will always be a part of everything we do, every day.

The world is a worse place for not having you in it Richard, we love and miss you very much,
Lots of love from Aunty Penny Uncle Paul and

Added on: 11 November 2007


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