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Appreciation For RICHARD EDWARD PERRY By Rebecca Perry-smith

Picture of 'RICHARD EDWARD PERRY' provided by Rebecca Perry-Smith

No words can really express how I feel about my big Brother, he was an inspiration. Richard has always been there when ever I have needed him, and shared more laughs with me than anyone.

We have always been close during our childhood, whilst playing together Rich would always set impossible tasks for me to copy, the hills he could descend on his bike usually ended up with me over the handle bars and grazed all over, but he was always there to pick me up again. And Rich always used me as the tester, i remember fondly the time he told me to put my thumb on the glowing car cigarette lighter, i will never forget the lasting imprint i had for months after, and all the times he told me to lick the batteries, but I never learned my lesson cos i did it over and over again and we laughed through the pain!!

Remember the time Rich, one lunch time, walking back to school you had put salt on my apple, and me being sick on the carpark!! I got you back better than ever though with the rabbit droppings in the raisins box, you were meant to tip them in your hand greedy guts not tip straight into your mouth! served you right!!

I miss so dearly our Sunday tea times, nudging one another for more of the space against the rayburn and poking each other in the ribs while Mom carved the beef! Since being pregnant, i didn't let you rough me up, you listened but I'm sure were waiting for the day we could fight again.

Life will never be the same without my dear Brother, the fun we had will stay in my memories forever but the pain of never seeing him here again will never go away. I tell Ellie May about him every day, she has been robbed a fun loving Uncle, but i hope my wonderful family will help me to tell her all about him.

Me and Stu can look out of our window and see the tyre imprints in the tarmac from the day we moved in and you came to our rescue with your trailer for all our plants, i probably moaned at you for messing up the pavement but now i look at the marks and wish you were here to make more.

Missing you more each day Rich, i love you with all my heart, i only hope my children have the same special bond we had. I don't understand why your luck ran out that awful day in July but my heart tells me you were probably being a hero, in the same way you have always been my hero.

Now it is me that is waiting for the day we can fight again, i hope you save a place in heaven for me Richie boy.

Added on: 8 November 2007


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