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Appreciation For RICHARD EDWARD PERRY By David Perry

Rich was my nephew, and what a nephew! He was a great engineer who was working on aircraft undercarriages - so everytime any of us lands safely in a holiday jet I think we should all spare a thought for him!

My abiding memory of Rich is simply of him uttering a phrase he seemed to use again and again; "well, yeah". I think these two words sum up Richard's approach to life: Can it be done? Would he like to try it? Shall we, will he, would he, could he, will it, ..."well, yeah!"

Guy Gibson was once asked whether he was concerned about the death, during the war, of so many of his freinds, and whether his own mortality worried him unduly. He simply said that as far as he could see his friends were simply on the earlier train. Well, I guess my dear nephew caught the earlier train too. Too early I think. But one of the future trains will come to take us to meet him again, and he, along with all our loved ones, will be waiting at the station I am quite sure.

We should take comfort: Rich has now gone to everlasting life with the Father and our pain at his passing must concern him: he himself is in no pain, no suffering, but endless pleasure in the presence of God. (I don't know what heaven looks like, but maybe for Richard it is endless glassy seas, the odd breaker, no speed controls for RIBs and free petrol!).

Nevertheless, the loss of a loved one always leaves us bereft and forlorn because we miss their presence in physical form; we will miss Richard's warmth and smile, we will certainly miss his intellect and his readiness, if not with a direct answer then with a deduction and argument. Yet for his sake (as well as our own) we owe it to him to take into our own lives something from his days with us.

I know what I can take. When the days get burdensome or when this sodden earthly life simply starts to cling too heavily to my slowing feet and I have to ask whether there can possibly be a way ahead, I can remember Rich and see the answer..."well, yeah!"

Thanks for your company Richard, we'll meet again eh? "Well, yeah!"

Uncle David

Added on: 7 November 2007


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