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Appreciation For Les Howell By Ian Howell

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My Dad was always my best friend. It took far too many years before I truly understood that. He would always support and encourage me, even if I didn't deserve it. Dad said he was proud of his four sons but all my life I felt a yearning to make him proud... and still do.
Dad was a very popular man, modest, likeable and made friends easily. He was kind, thoughtful and easygoing - just a model human being really, certainly the nicest guy I ever knew. He was always looking to do things, to travel, eat out and even though he enjoyed so many hours in his armchair watching TV, you know he would have preferred to be somewhere else, having a good time with family or friends. He was very patriotic, never forced his opinions on anyone, was so generous with his money - he always wanted to pay for everything when he was here in Texas. Many of his interests and enthusiasm for things rubbed off on me aswell and I will always be grateful for that.
He was an excellent organiser and, unlike me, loved doing 'paperwork'. I always remember how he so keenly took on my paperwork chores a few years ago, he was newly retired but he simply enjoyed doing it.
I always thought it a bit sad that none of his sons followed him into the Navy, just for the fact that I know he would have been overflowing with pride. Anytime I went anywhere, on weekends around Europe or transatlantic as I have done now so many times, he would always want to know all about it. Part of me wishes I had chosen a career like him - just so he could have lived it through me as I know he would have derived so much pleasure from that.
The recent years that I have been away from Weston made the family realise that the most had to be made out of short spells when we were together. We did our best, exchanging visits and creating so many happy family memories to cherish. It's ironic that going to live on a different continent actually brought us closer together.
Richard has grown up so far away from his Papa but he adored him all the same. I will try to remind him of my Dad throughout his young life so that he never forgets. We have lots of pictures and video to help. I haven't been able to watch any video yet, but I will in time, and celebrate the great times we had with Dad.
I still sense him around me sometimes, I hear his voice. He will always be there in my heart, I know it! That's a good feeling.

God rest your soul, Dad. Love you forever.

Ian, Jeannie and Richard. March 31st 2009

Added on: 1 April 2009


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