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Appreciation For CHRISTOPHER HARVELL By Darren Bilton

Chris will be extremely fondly remembered by me and my family. I have personally known him for over 30 years, being best friends with his son Kevin. In recent years it has been a real pleasure to visit him with my own family; his smile, sense of humour and intelligence, even when very unwell were admirable qualities. Many memories, some probably not appropriate for a tribute page! However, I will never forget his face on three occasions. Whilst at secondary school, returning to his house with Kevin who had somehow managed to completely break the frame on his bike - the incredulity in his face, was priceless. Secondly his tearful face when I left to go abroad with his son and Chris asking ME to look after Kev and make sure he returned safely. And thirdly when me and Kevin returned from this extended stay in Australia, Chris organised a barbecue at which two hungry lads then proceeded to devour several tonnes of red meat in a fashion similar to Man versus Food. All very memorable moments.

He will be sadly missed by me and my family.

Darren, Sarah, Sophie and George Bilton

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Added on: 5 August 2013