Joseph Henry Wright

Also known as: Joe.

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Joe was born in Folkestone, Kent, on 20th May 1920, the only child of Ada and Joseph Wright. His father had served with the Royal Army Veterinary coups during the First World War.

When Joe was nineteen he applied to join the RAF. He was enlisted as No 915829, Aircraft 2nd class, on 21st February 1940. In 1942 he was shipped out to South Africa to be trained as a navigator and qualified in July 1943.

After completing his training he joined Bomber Command (100 Squadron) and between 1944 and the end of the war in Europe he flew thirty four missions over Germany with his Lancaster. There could have been more but thanks to peace in the Far East Joe was not called into battle again. His last day of military service is recorded as 25th July 1947. He then went on to have a long career as a civilian navigator; all Long Haul routes. By the time his last flight landed at Gatwick on July 15th 1980 (via Lagos, Luska and Lanarca), he had clocked-up 21,686 flying hours.

In March 1964 Joe was awarded the certificate (No 376) of MASTER AIR NAVIGATOR. This was awarded by The Guild of Air Pilots and Air Navigators, in recognition of Skill, Experience and service in the profession of Aviation.

In retirement Joe enjoyed many pastimes, mainly his love of classical music, particularly Beethoven. Caesar Franck was also a favourite. His knowledge of their music was vast. He also enjoyed his books and never missed his daily crosswords.

I met Joe in April 1999 and we were married on 14th October 2000. I consider it a privilege to have met and married him. He was a strong character, intelligent, good and kind. I dearly miss him.


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Picture of Joseph Henry Wright.
Picture of Joseph Henry Wright.

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