William Boyd Bradley

Also known as: Brad, Bill, Jock.

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Dad was a member of the RAF from a cadet towards the end of WWII until he retired in 1981. As a family we have many fond memories of our RAF upbringing and dad took delight in regailing family and friends with very funny stories of his life as an RAF Policeman. He was very proud of his service, and from letters and commendatons we found after his death, so were many of his superiors and colleagues.

After leaving the RAF dad work for the local council using his legal knowledge until finally retiring at the age of 70 years. We still have contact with many of his excolleagues.

Less than a couple of years before his death dad became very ill and needed a bathroom refit to enable him to stay at home. The RAF Benevolent Fund covered a large proportion of the costs. When dad passed away in October 2012, the family decided that it would be fitting that we should ask for donations for the RAF Benevolent Fund instead of flowers at his funeral. We believe he would have been proud of our decision to help others like him, old airmen in need of support to stay at home after a lifetime of moving around for his country.

Added by: Dawn Clampin on 22nd January 2013.


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Picture of William Boyd Bradley.
Picture of William Boyd Bradley.
Picture of William Boyd Bradley.

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