John Williams Lishman

Also known as: Bill .

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In memory of John Williams Lishman (Bill)

Born: 16th March 1925
Died: 9th March 2012
Unit / Group: 93NU/42

RAF service: from 27TH April 1943 to 10th July 1947
RAF rank: A/Cpl

Added on behalf of Mrs Carol Bousfield, daughter

Bill was born in Newcastle upon Tyne and was the eldest of three children. Dorothy is the middle one and is married and lives in the States. Robert, the youngest died in October 2007.

As a youngster Bill worked on bi-planes at the Old Newcastle upon Tyne airport. My father served in the RAF during the war, but he never spoke about it. He was always interested in anything mechanical, having done an apprenticeship in mechanical engineering before going into the RAF. His time in the Merchant Navy was with Cable & Wireless in the Far East, but at some time must have been in Kenya as there is a 90 days driving licence dated 1951.

Bill married Al (Alice) in September 1948, by which time he had joined the Merchant Navy, and they were married for 45 years. By late 1953/4 he was working for an oil company in Qatar firstly in the power station and later as a Production Engineer. He retired in 1981.

Al passed away in December 1993 while Bill still lived in Port St Mary on the Isle of Man. He then agreed to move to Appleby-in-Westmorland, Cumbria where he spent the last two years of his life.

Bill and Al had only one child, daughter Carol, the apple of his eye - but he would never agree to anything she wanted as a child until she had cleared it with Mum.

Bill was very independent to the very last.

Carol says “ I still want to pick up the phone or just pop down to see or speak to him, I will miss him every day of my life, but time will make it easier.”

Added by: Carol Bousfield on 7th December 2012.


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Picture of John Williams  Lishman
Picture of John Williams  Lishman

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