Edwina Nicholls

Also known as: Dina.

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To tell you about Dina's life, is to tell about her husbands life too, such was her devotion to him and therefore to the Royal Air Force, to which he was also betrothed to some extent. But never once, throughout her married and family life, would she bemoan or begrudge...she was the perfect Aircrew wife, and her husband (Sqn Ldr F.A "Nick" Nicholls) knew it too. She even had her engagement ring posted to her as he was in flight training in Canada when he finally had the money to buy the ring.
An Air Force wife has to deal with Not knowing. Not knowing for how long, Not knowing why, and Not knowing when their loved one will return, if at all.
It takes a woman of great strength to endure that, especially whilst raising her family at the same time. Her family are filled with admiration and hope her strength lives on in her family for generations to come.

Added by: David Nicholls on 27th May 2012.


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Picture of Edwina Nicholls.
Picture of Edwina Nicholls.

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