Sqn Ldr Harry Glendinning

Also known as: Glen.

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Sqn Ldr H D "Glen" Glendinning passed away on September 9 aged ninety. He joined the RAF at the beginning of World War 2 as an Air Gunner and was shot down over France in a Wellington bomber in 1940. He spent the rest of the war as a POW incarcerated in every Stalag Luft camp and witnessed the "Great Escape". In 1945 he was on the infamous Long March from Upper Silesia to Germany in the face of the Russian advance.

After the war he was stationed in Hamburg. He retrained as a Signaller and toured Singapore, taking part in the Korean War on Sunderland flying boats. He took his commission in 1954 becoming an Air Electronics Operator and then joined the newly formed "V-Force" carrying out trials on the Valiant and was in the crew that delivered the first Victor MK1 to the RAF in 1958. He was on 4JSTU undertaking trials on Blue Steel in Australia and was in the crew of VictorXL161 which stalled and plunged 31,000 ft spinning (out of control for) 20 seconds before, in a last ditch attempt, the brake chutes were deployed and the craft was brought under control. He served the rest of his career on Victors and Vulcans on various Units including 9 Sqn.

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Picture of Harry Glendinning.
Picture of Harry Glendinning.
Picture of Harry Glendinning.

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