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Flt Lt Gareth Nicholas, 40, died when the RAF Nimrod MR2 crashed 12 miles west of Kandahar on September 2nd 2006.
He was one of 12 personnel from 120 Squadron at RAF Kinloss killed in the accident. More than 300 mourners attended his funeral at St Columb Minor Church, near Newquay, to hear his daughter Athena read a poem entitled "My Dad".
She said: "He was a great Father for every good reason. . . he's still with me in my heart,"
Flt Lt Nicholas, from Newquay, Cornwall, had been due to come home to his wife Helen and daughter for Christmas today. His wife said: "My husband was a loving husband and devoted father.
He was a handsome, funny, fun-loving, caring, enthusiastic and energetic man who was generous with his time."
She said she learned of the crash when a friend rang to tell her to turn on the television. "We had only just celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary and my last text from Gareth read, '15 years and 1 day'."
Mrs Nicholas said that her husband had wanted to join the RAF from a young age and spent many years as an Air Cadet before joining the service in 1983.
'My Dad'
by Athena Nicholas
He was a great Father for every good Reason
I wish he was still alive
He would still be with me if it hadn't gone wrong
I wish he had survived
I feel like it was all a dream
But it's not what it seems
That he's still with me in my heart
And in my sad sad dreams
I'm crying at this moment
But I can't stop now
I wish he was still with me
And he's whispering in the clouds
I will visit you in your dreams
And we shall roam free
Playing in the grassy fields
Definitely You and Me

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