Anthony Douglas Wadley

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Tony Wadley 1923 -2008

My father, Tony Wadley was immensely proud of his time as a pilot in the RAF during and after World War 2. He trained in Miami, Oklahoma, in a British Flying School, alongside US pilots. 60 years later, he was still in touch with some of the friends he made there.

On his return to England, he was attached to the Army Glider Regiment for twelve months, as were many newly trained pilots, to replace men lost at Arnhem. In March 1945 he took part in “Operation Varsity”, piloting a Horsa glider across the Rhine.

After the war he flew Oxfords and Wellingtons, before finally joining No. 207 Squadron to fly his favourite aeroplane, the Lancaster. Sadly for him, in 1949 he was grounded, having failed an eyesight test. He decided to leave the Service as he did not wish to “fly a desk” and did not fly again, even as a passenger, until his eightieth birthday, when he had a flying lesson!

Later in life, Tony had many interests: railways, industrial archaeology, canal restoration, photography, science fiction, space travel, jazz, beer making, crosswords, spotting missing apostrophes, to name but a few. He and his wife, Marjorie, spent many happy days and weeks on their boat on the inland waterways. But he could still sometimes be seen in the garden with the binoculars, watching the planes go over, particularly if he heard a propeller!

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