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I will try to give you a few snippets of Jack’s life.

In 1942 Jack and I were based in the Western Desert, North Africa, with 221 Squadron. One of our Wellingtons made an abortive trip to Tobruk (Libya) and with a full load of bombs, crash landed near Sidi Barini. Within a short time, Jack arrived with the CO of Sidi Barini and immediately took the crew over the sand hills for a swim in the Mediterranean – relaxation was the order of the day.

Such observations by fellow airmen were:
“I developed such a respect for Jack Hoskins as being the dedicated, fearless, honest and friendly type he was.”

On October 31st we were up at the forward base Ginacilis in Wimpy “C” having six nights previously located an enemy convoy off Derna which was later bombed. We were third on the standby list for further operations, however, Group HQ in Alexandria demanded a special dusk sortie be made to Derna – send “C”.

It was most risky to fly up the Med at very low level in daylight. We said goodbye to all our chums and set off at about 15.00 hours. We had four hours of daylight, getting to Derna at dusk. On our search we located the convoy, which had already been panged.

Whilst we were searching, our radar picked up another aircraft which we felt was the enemy looking for us – but no, it was Jack Hoskins!

After we were airborne, and unknown to us, Group decided it was essential Derna was reached and as the risk was so great, a second plane had to be sent. Jack was not on the standby list but decided he should lead the crew. This showed the true nature of Jack – courageous, capable, responsible and fearless in carrying out his duties as a Flight Commander.

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Picture of Jack Hoskins.
Picture of Jack Hoskins.
Picture of Jack Hoskins.

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