Ernest ROY Acton

Also known as: Roy.

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Dad's years in the RAF gave him the values and principles that stayed with him for the rest of his life. His father joined the RFC in 1917 and following the death of his mother in 1938 Dad was keen to follow family tradition as soon as he could. After a stint in the Home Guard (for which we always teased him) he became a Flight Engineer and counted the days spent in service as the happiest years of his life. His is not an individually heroic story but he was part of the body of men who are heros to this day and he was so proud to be associated to that time in history. On leaving the forces he went on to become an electrical engineer and spent the last 20 years of his working life as a Lead Assessor with the British Standards Institute. He took his role very seriously and worked hard to make sure that safety standards were adhered to and people would be safe. His deep love for his country never dwindled and in later years he became known affectionatley as "Mr £ " for his anti european views and his desire to keep this country " a green and pleasant land". Over 200 letters were published in his local paper to this effect and whatever your views his points were eloquent and knowledgeably written. Dad hated the restrictions that old age brought but his motto was to always "keep busy" and he did just that by looking out for his neighbours/building model aeroplanes and ships/doing endless puzzles and quizes/ writing his protest letters and making endless varieties of soup! Dad was a man of principle, of loyalty and a great sense of right and wrong. He delighted in his grandchildren and never in his life let anyone down. It is just 12 months since he died and hs is remembered and missed every single day by those who loved him.

Added by: Christine Hopley on 26th October 2009.


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