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ben was born on 17th Feb 1917 at Whitcott Keysett in Shropshire into a farming family the son of George and Fanny Davies. He went to Newcastle on Clun school and on leaving school started work in agriculture. He then went to Reaseheath Agricultural college studying poultry husbandry. Whilst living locally in Alpraham he met and later married his wife Molly in May 1942. They went on to celebrate 60 years of marriage in 2002.

Ben's carrer in the R A F started 1n 1941. He trained as an ariel gunner and Radio operator. He flew with 100, 550, and 576 squadrons at various times during the war and flew 30 bombing ops over Germany and Italy between 1943 and 1944 as a wireless operator in the Lancaster Bomber. Ben flew the lancaste HW-J out of waltham. We beleive that there is now a pub called the Jug and Bottle named after that aircraft (J-Jug).Ben had several close calls whilst on active duty on one occasion his aircraft lost both outer engines and after a very low level flight accross the North Sea landed safley back in England.And on sveral other ocvcasions the aircraft was hit by enemy fire. Despite what must have been some terrifying moments during his time in the RAF. Ben always spoke very fonldly of his comrades and the Aircraft he flew particularly the "lanc". He the spent some time,by then a Flight Sergeant as an instructor of radio and the new beginings of Radar. In May of 1944 his eldest son Barrie was born. Ben was promoted to Warrant O fficer in January of 1945. Ben left the RAF in 1945 to resume his carrer in poultry farming and returned to Alpraham once the war was over. In 1949 he moved to Great Budworth in Cheshire and in 1950 his youngest son John was born, and where Ben and Moll were to stay for the next Fifty years. bens later pleasure was his garden, a great one for veg, after all you cant eat flowers. He also enjoyed driving his various cars till he was well into his eighties and ill health made driving difficult. But most of all his family was very important to him. He had five grandsons Andrew,Wayne, Fred, David and Simon and five great grandchildren Rhian,Chloe,Reece,Ashley and Imogen. It has been a great pleasure and honour to have know Ben. And it is with great pride we can call him Dad or Grandad

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Picture of Benjamin  Davies.
Picture of Benjamin  Davies.
Picture of Benjamin  Davies.

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