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Also known as: Everyone knew Dad as "Joe",altho' his parents,siblings,aunts,uncles and cousins, always called him by his childhood pet name of "Joze"..

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Dad died on 29th March, 2009. Reproduced below is the obituary report that was published in the "Chad",our local newspaper, following his April 6th funeral.Up to his death, he still looked, pretty much, as he appears in the photograph I've added. He'd been blessed with film-star good looks in his youth,***and more than a vestige of that handsomeness remained in his later years, regarding which he was remarkably lacking in conceipt. He was altogether charming and delightful. We hear over and over again, the phrase, " a lovely man" when people talk of Joe. No-one has a bad word to say of him, and equally he was never known to speak ill of anyone.He had a remakable capability of finding some core of decency in nearly everbody; of always considering the other man's point of view. He neither blashemed nor cursed. He was utterly devoid of malice. He met ignorance with tolerance and mean-spiritedness with generosity. Possessed of a good voice, he sang his way through adversity with infectious joy. Trully, the sort of man one didn't meet every day.

FOOTNOTE: As well as the singing, Dad was also a yodeller,which whilst not everyones cup of tea,did win him a talent contest or two, for which his reward was a coverted weekend pass.(He sang with another young Airman, Irving Stewart, who later performed in cabaret under the name Dick Lawrence).
Dad underwent basic training at Blackpool, and air crew training at Cranwell, later stationed at Northolt, Lineham and Wellbourne,to name but a few, and Bukkeberg(?),Germany,as Occupying Force.

***Once I am able to master this "Interweb" thing, I'll add a photo of Joe, resplendant in his dress uniform, circa 1945. He was just as beautiful as he looked, apparantly, and he stayed my Mums blue-eyed boy until the end.

Retired colliery mechanic Mr Joseph Shaw (88), of Oak Avenue, Blidworth was buried at the churchyard after a service at the village’s St Mary’s Church, which was conducted by his cousin, the Rev Kate Colclough.
Born and educated at Mansfield Woodhouse, Mr Shaw had lived in Blidworth since his marriage at St Mary’s in 1943.
Originally a carpenter by trade, Mr Shaw had served in the Royal Air Force throughout the Second World War, afterwards working in the construction industry. From 1951 until 1983 he was a mechanic at Blidworth Colliery.
Mr Shaw enjoyed every minute of his long retirement, taking numerous holidays and attending music events with his wife, socialising, singing and dancing, maintaining old friendships and forming new ones.
Sunny natured and kind, Mr Shaw was known for his quick wit and sartorial elegance. Well mannered, polite and raconteurish, he was very good company. He also enjoyed spending time surrounded by his family and friends and he always said he considered himself a fortunate man.
Mr Shaw, who died at his home after a short illness, leaves his wife, Mrs Betty Shaw, daughters, Sally Ann and Marie, son-in-law Alan, granddaughters Heather and Laura, great-grandchildren Donovan Joseph and Violet and his sister, Kathleen.

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