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Also known as: Len .

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Leonard Rex Smith (Len) Born in Hendon NW London 28th April 1918 Married Alice Lilian Cox and had 3 daughters (sadly 2 of which passed away at a very early age One aged 14 months and the other at 17 months)
Len volunteered for the RAF on 19/03/1941 and was stationed at Weeton/Blackpool for his square bashing stint, until 06/01/1941. Posted to Catterick and then Eastleigh Nairobi. Embarked on the Arundel Castle on 17/06/1942 (which as a matter of interest was only 4 months after his second daughter had died aged 17 months) and was stationed at Eastleigh Kenya until May 1945.
He was a sheet metal worker copper Smith by trade both in civy street before the war and in the RAF.
After the war he started his own business in the pet trade and then went into selling tools and owned his own shops.

Unfortunately Len died in 1992. Even now he is so sadly missed by his Wife Alice, his Daughter Avril and his son Len (jnr.) God Bless you Dad and thanks for everything.
“So many things left unsaid yet so many glorious memories of happy times together. Always in my thoughts.” Leonard

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