Group Captain Maurice Short MBE, AFC.

Also known as: Mo.

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As his wife for 45+ years my tribute is to a dedicated Royal Air Force officer who joined in 1942 as a RAF Halton Apprentice, served in Burma/Singapore from 1944 to 1946. Commissioned in 1949 he became a pilot. His career as pilot started with Transport Command followed by Coastal Command duties when in 1955 he was awarded the AFC, instructor duties at RAF Swinderby where he taught students how to fly the Vampire. A ground tour followed at RAF Cardington looking after recruits, mainly National Servicemen. After this was a tour in Malta on promotion and the award of an MBE. Then back to Coastal Command HQ at Northwood. Here he stayed from 1963 to 1970, promoted to Wing Commander in 1968. Back to flying in 1970 after the Air Warfare course at RAF Manby, flying refresher training then on to the Nimrod at RAF Kinloss. Back to Coastal Command, promoted to Group Captain in 1974 the off to USA in 1976 for 4 years at SCALANT. Retirement followed with a job at the RAF Sports Board as Secretary Treasurer where he was solely responsible for starting the RAF Lottery in 1993. Final retirement came in 1994 when the Sports Board moved to RAF Innsworth. He died on 9th March 2013 and is survived by his second wife (his first wife died in 1966) three daughters and five grandchildren.

Added by: Daphne Short on 13th July 2013.


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