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The Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund

The RAF Benevolent Fund is the RAF's leading welfare charity providing practical, financial and emotional support to all members of the RAF family, from childhood through to old age. We help with issues from childcare and relationship difficulties to injury and disability, and from financial hardship and debt to illness and bereavement.

Appreciation For Anne Isobel Noel Penrose By Colin Odell

I met Annie Penrose, the first time in the mid 80's when she asked me to repair some upholstered furniture in that amazing house over a period of a couple of years, during which time a good portion of my visits was taken up listening to many of her intersting tales , lunching with her on her wonderful pasties, I recall one morning as we wre chatting in the kitchen, when suddenly a smashing of glass made us rush into the hallway, only to find Beakus with the remains of a glass display case(which was almost bigger than himself, and using some rather choice language while kicking the enormous Pike or whatever it was across the yard outside, we both stood there and howled with laughter at the sight, Annie said he must have sneaked in un -noticed and tried to smuggle it out. I believe he was not living at Killiow at this time great times we'll miss you Annie R.I/P

Added on: 20th November 2012


Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund
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0800 169 2942
Registered Charity No. 1081009