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The Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund

The RAF Benevolent Fund is the RAF's leading welfare charity providing practical, financial and emotional support to all members of the RAF family, from childhood through to old age. We help with issues from childcare and relationship difficulties to injury and disability, and from financial hardship and debt to illness and bereavement.

Appreciation For Anne Violet Robinson By Tom Haward


Dear Grandma,

I remember quite clearly my first visit to the RUH whilst studying at University and certainly won't forget the amount of time it took me to find the 'orange car park' and then a space!

I was fortunate enough to spend a lot of time with you whilst you were there and certainly enjoyed our conversations, ranging from the past into the future ... plus the occasional giggle at some of the 'funny ones' in the ward.

These visits continued when you were back in South Wraxall and you provided the sanctuary I needed during the time full of exams and the stress associated with them - and also a cheeky glass of wine with the Sunday lunch.

For this I want to say thank you - I will miss you greatly.

I also feel I should apologise - I am sorry that you had to endure all sorts of weird hairstyles and that I never once adorned the 'short back and sides' that you insisted was still 'the thing'!

Thank you for the wonderful memories.

Lots of love, Tom

Added on: 22nd June 2010


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