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The Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund

The RAF Benevolent Fund is the RAF's leading welfare charity providing practical, financial and emotional support to all members of the RAF family, from childhood through to old age. We help with issues from childcare and relationship difficulties to injury and disability, and from financial hardship and debt to illness and bereavement.

Appreciation For Anne Violet Robinson By Tashi Haward

My favourite memory of Grandma was her love of poetry -something we shared together that I felt was very special.

During one visit to South Wraxall, Grandma bought out this little book. When I opened it up it was filled with bits of poetry - lots of words squeezed onto pages that she had written down as they came into her head. I told her that I do the same, which we both thought was funny!

The poetry she wrote was really clever and had so much in it - her lines were beautiful - so visual - I only wish that one day I shall write like that.

I would like to thank Grandma for many things but mostly for inheriting her love of poetry.

Added on: 22nd June 2010


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