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Battle of Britain Memorial Trust

The Trust is the custodian of the National Memorial to The Few and exists to educate future generations about the importance of the Battle of Britain to Britain, Europe and the world.

Appreciation For Charles Ian R Arthur By Michael Mcdougall

Ian (as we knew him) was my fathers cousin, As a young child in the early 1960's I remember infrequent visits to his home with my father.I knew him as an owner and operator of a water taxi service in the West Vancouver area of British Columbia, Canada. The business was called PDQ Water Taxi; an obvious reference to the radio shorthand of wartime. In our visits he spoke little of the war and of his experience overseas. As I grew I kept up with him and learned a little more of his wartime service. He was modest about this and had it not been for others who wrote about the history of his wartime career I may never have known of his many remarkable achievements. As with so many of our servicemen Ian lived out his life with little recogonition of the great sacrifice made in defence of our way of life. I am proud to have known him while he was alive and pleased that he is remembered here.

Added on: 7th November 2011


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