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It is nearly 10 years (05 Jun 01) since Maj George Whyman was fatally injured in an accident whilst out training as an Army Veteran Cyclist aged 44. He was a committed Christian and tremendous husband and father to his large family. When he worked for me, I could not have wished for a more loyal, hard working and dedicated subordinate. He served from 1975 until his early death - at which time he was the Training Major at 34 (Northern) Signal Regiment - now, sadly, a victim of the Defence Cuts.


Added by: Jim Blake on 30th March 2011.





Mhairi Whyman writes [8th July 2020]:

19 years on, and now your brother joins you. We will try our best to be a comfort to his family, as you would have wanted and expected. Still miss you Dad.



Morag Peacock writes [1st June 2014]:

Here again :/ A strangely comforting read though.



Mick Tait writes [26th April 2013]:

George was a Tp Comd when I was a Cpl/Sgt Instructor at the Jnr Regt at Ouston. I remember him as a really nice guy, and a real character. I was sad to hear that he had been taken in such an untimely fashion.



Linda Whyman writes [10th December 2012]:

Well George..... Dec. 2012. Another Christmas looming without you here to share it. Since you have been gone, I don't cook turkey,as you would know, I'd be hopeless at that.
I miss you every single day, you were my best friend, my comforter, the one who kept me level and the one who stopped the bad stuff from really getting to me but now I really do have to rely completely on God for all the things you did and were.
I will never, ever be the same as I was when you were here with me and I will ... [read more from Linda Whyman]



David Pinchin writes [29th March 2012]:

I first met George in 1975,he was our 3 Troop PO (Potential Officer) at Helles Barrack's Catterick,his party piece was getting us all up by banging a shell casing on our doors,he then went on to Sandhurst and did well,the next time I saw him I was in the Guardhouse at 30 Sigs in Blandford as a soldier under sentence,he came in as the Orderly Officer Lt G.Whyman,he knew me straight away.he called me a few choice names and then we sat together awhile and chatted,not as soldier and Officer but as george ... [read more from David Pinchin]



Kathie Burbridge writes [5th June 2011]:

Well, George - you've been in heaven 10 years - not that you have to worry about time now! You made such an impact on so many lives. You would be so very proud of your Linda and your children and grandchildren -such a credit to you .... your memory lives on.
We know there'a day coming when all those tears will be wiped away - no more crying ! What a promise ! Thank you God for the promise of eternity with you ! See you there George !



Samantha Maycock writes [5th June 2011]:

Wow wat to say ... I don't remember wen I first met the whyman clan I was young n they only consisted of 5 way back then. They are all wonderful people but I will always remember the laughs we had n believe that George, Major Butch n Anita Maycock r up there havin a ball just like we used to in the day.
Days just aren't the same with them missing but we find peace knowin we will all meet again one day .... Good times xxx



Nick O'mahony writes [3rd June 2011]:

George was my sqn OC in York. What a guy. Commanded the respect or everyone who had the pleasure to work for him. Great attitude, spoke to you, not at you and had a very quick dry humour. In ten years in the Corps, I was lucky to have some great sqn commanders, George Whyman was up there at the top.

Never took himself to seriously, well one could'nt driving that light brown MPV around.

Another top person taken to early. When I heard about his passing - one word. Gutted.



James Whyman writes [16th May 2011]:

What I wouldn’t give for a minute with you dad.

Some wounds never heal, but we try to live up to the name you gave us and the example you and mum set for us. Through that you can never be forgotten. You live on in all of us.



Lizzi Whyman writes [14th May 2011]:

Gutted I only knew you for 10 years, but have so many memories in that time and have heard stories about you that I can treasure :).

Love you & miss you.



Mhairi Whyman writes [14th May 2011]:

I still get a shock sometimes when I remember you are not here anymore.

I love it when I see your face in my brothers and sisters and other family members (Sandeh).

I wish you were here to talk radios with Daniel and play guitar with George. That would be the coolest thing.

I well miss you.



Amanda Gibson writes [13th May 2011]:

George 'The Dad and Dear Friend' Who deserved a medal the size of a Dustbin lid.......'This quote was said by a close friend of 'The Whyman' family possibly 12 years ago and has stuck with me through-out,
A fabulous Family man, So proud I am honoured to be part of thier lives,



Alexander Whyman writes [13th May 2011]:

Hey Dod, has Jesus made you any taller?



Clair Harrison writes [13th May 2011]:

Ah Uncle George,

What little time we saw him will never forget his whyman smile, kind heart and green bobble fleece. Sadly gone to soon but never forgotten, left a little piece behind in all who new him.

Never forget me mums unplanned trip to york to get away. Drove all the way up and back to york again to help mam. No complaints x



Morag Peacock writes [12th May 2011]:

Major George James Whyman. Or 'Dad', to me :) What to say that would fit in 1500 words?! Firstly, as Mum has said, thank you Mr Blake for this-it really touches to know that it's not just us family who thought highly of the dude. Also, yes, Mum is brave!
To say we miss him is an understatement. To say we have things we'd love to share with him doesn't go far enough.
10 years is in one sense an age and in another a blink of an eye and so we hold onto the knowledge that we will one day be reunited ... [read more from Morag Peacock]



Angela Barette writes [12th May 2011]:

I will never forget how George helped myself and Jurgen before we were married.
You never judged me George when others did, thankyou.

Sadly missed by all.
God Bless xx



Catherine Albiston writes [12th May 2011]:

My Dad was a good guy... bit mean, bit grumpy maybe!I'd like him to have known I WOULD get that degree. I'd like him to have known I'd even get married and have 4 children!!! And my husband would be (eventually) saved! LOL
But I know he's having a blast with Jesus, so it makes it all feel easier, mostly... definately mostly! :-)
If he was alive today there are a growing number of questions I'd ask that I'm pretty sure only he'd be able to answer. Or maybe his would be the only answers I'd really ... [read more from Catherine Albiston]



Andrew Whyman writes [12th May 2011]:

Thats my Dad!

Nearly 10 years since he was taken from us, but not a day goes by when he is not thought of.

His legacy lives on through my brothers and sisters and myself, constantly reminding oursleves of things he said or did in our lives that made us smile, laugh or cry. Only recently we where all reminded of family barbecues with a game of football that inevitably ended up as rugby, and rugby tackles. Good times.

Im pleased that other people remember my dad so fondly, and that even ten ... [read more from Andrew Whyman]



Beverley Davies writes [12th May 2011]:

The First time I met George was when all the wifes of the signals Regiment were in Alexandaer Hall York awaiting a briefing from the Sqn OC as the men were deploying to Bosnia. I expected the same auto talk from a typical Officer...However as soon as George started to talk to us I felt as ease and thought this guy is good. I asked him the question do you have Children...Oh yes he said I have many and would of had more if it was gods will..What a lovely man I thought! Then has time went by my children ... [read more from Beverley Davies]



Linda Whyman writes [12th May 2011]:

Dear Jim,
THANK YOU so much for your kind message about George. Morag found it and sent me the link.
I'm afraid that I George's tragic and shocking death is still felt as keenly now as it was 10 years ago, however, with acceptance comes peace.
We miss George every day as a family, he was indeed a wonderful husband and father..... I miss army life, who would have thought that :)
Once again, Thank you so much for your message and for rememering George so fondly.....
Love and Best Wishses to ... [read more from Linda Whyman]



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