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A Eulogy for a special Lady :

We’re here today to celebrate and remember someone dear to us all – Elhe

This is a celebration.
It’s the love, the laughs, the support and the friendship – that Elhe gave us all.

She loved her family.
And had huge love and pride in her children and grandchildren

She had her distractions too…….

She loved reading, Man United, playing golf and watching golf.
Elhe loved her travel, spent a lot of time in Dubai, visiting family and loved New Zealand.
Elhe was also a Shopaholic and avid Antiques Collector, particularly Antique Compacts.
She as proud of her Welsh and Norwegian heritage , who else can boast of a Grandfather named Gwyneth Caldwaller Williams and also Anker.
When in Oslo , we met some of the Anker Clan, very tall !

She had loyalty and determination – yet kept a sense of fun…

Her advice to you ALL on life, would probably be – “We’re here for a good time, not a long time”….

A hard act to follow.
I would like to read a text from Lisa, with young Monty’s thoughts.

Monty wants to tell you that he is very sad his Granny Elhe has gone to Heaven and hopes you are alright, he is glad you are not by yourself as you have Phoebe and Satchmo.
He said he wishes his toy wand was real because he would magic Granny Elhe back to you.
A very good Eulogy for a seven and half year old.
As you know Elhe never had a cross word for anybody and loved everyone, especially her children and animals.
This is a Eulogy for a very special Lady , whom I loved very much and so did all the family.


Added by: Gavin McLatchie on 4th July 2020.





C And M Mclatchie writes [21st August 2020]:

A lovely lady



John And Agnus Smith writes [21st August 2020]:

To our wonderful friend



Sian Roberts writes [14th August 2020]:


Those special memories of you
will always bring a smile
if only I could have you back
for just a little while
Then we could sit and talk again
just like we used to do
you always meant so very much
and always will do too
The fact that you’re no longer here
will always cause me pain
but you’re forever in my heart
until we meet again...

Always and forever, Sian



Patricia Mitchell writes [13th August 2020]:

My lovely Sister, I will miss you for every. We played together, laugh together, got into trouble together along with our brother Richard

I will think of you every moment of every day. love Patricia XX



Chris Millions writes [29th July 2020]:

Elhe was a lovely caring lady, nothing was too much trouble for her.

I have happy memories of time spent with Elhe in Malaysia. Our afternoons playing Mahjong and the challenge of learning to play golf in the heat of Malaysia.

It was a pleasure knowing Elhe.




Lauren Roberts writes [26th July 2020]:

To Granny,

Here’s to all the good times, never to be forgotten and always cherished.

Love always,



Eileen Roberts writes [26th July 2020]:

A beautiful lady who will always be remembered with fondness and love. Thank you for the love, the laughter and the memories we all shared



Gavin Mclatchie writes [26th July 2020]:

Beloved Elhé,
Wife of Gavin, Mum to Giles, Jarvis, Mathew and Sian,
Step-mum to Paula and Brett and Sister,
Aunty, Grandma and Friend to all those who loved her.



Richard Williams writes [25th July 2020]:

Goodbye Elle, my amazing, funny, loving, helpful, sister, and lifelong friend . We shared so many amazing adventures when we lived on Hague Place, Stalybridge.
You will be missed by all that knew you.
Till we meet again , a fond farewell sis.



Valerie Pengelly writes [25th July 2020]:

It was a pleasure to have known such a wonderful lady. We always enjoyed our time together in Kate’s Hill and Dubai. We laughed so hard we cried. We shopped til we dropped. We loved all the dogs and cats. Bailey used to nuzzle my head in the pool so cute. Memories will keep us close forever. Til we meet again rest in peace. Much love always



Sharron Mitchell writes [25th July 2020]:

My Auntie so dear, a Godmother so rare, always to care, and always to share. My go to place, always the lace, your heart so full of grace.
The sunshine after the storm, the unconditional love enabling me to challenge the norm.
Colourful as a rainbow, every blossom of every flower, the shining light of every darker hour, the lightness and joy, accepting of every ploy.
The huggle, the cuddle, the pick me up from every puddle.
Never expecting, always accepting, non relenting, always giving, ... [read more from Sharron Mitchell]



Jess Roberts writes [25th July 2020]:

Dearest Granny,

Thank you for all the lovely memories over the years. From apple bobbing at Halloween, pool parties in Hadleigh and chasing your grandchildren to get to the penny slots first in Clacton - these are memories I will treasure forever.

You encouraged everyone around you to enjoy each day and make the most of it!

With love, always,



Paula Mclatchie writes [22nd July 2020]:

I wish to say thank you Elhe, for bringing so much joy and happiness to Pops throughout your time together. You both created so many memories together over the years and you will be much missed by your loved ones.

Love from Pxxx



L Hanley writes [22nd July 2020]:

I am sad you died Granny Elhe. I will watch out for your star in the sky from Monty xxxx

In loving memory of Elhe, from Brett, Lisa, Noah and Monty xxxx



Flora And James Cook writes [5th July 2020]:

Elhe was a lovely lady , a very good friend and full of fun.

James and I recall happy memories of holidays spent with Elhe and Gavin in Malta , Shetland, Edinburgh and Hadleigh.

Flora and James



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Picture of Elhe McLatchie
Picture of Elhe McLatchie

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