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This page is dedicated to the life and aftI've of a dear father, son, uncle, brother and friend that will be dearly missed in the hearts of all. You will always be on our minds and in our hearts every second of every day. You've touched the lives of many in many ways. Rest in peace. 07/05/75-14/11/18


Added by: Katie Ruscoe on 20th December 2018.





Kaz Brammer writes [24th February 2019]:

Jase not a day passes that i dont think about you!
Just wish u was here for one last hug!
Miss u sooo muchly my friend
Till we meet again
Love forever



Katie Ruscoe writes [1st February 2019]:

Daddy, I miss you more and more with each day that goes by. We have so many good memories together.. I just wish we could have made many more.. I love you daddy.. I don't wanna spend the rest of my life thinking about the buts and what ifs so am just gonna remind you each day that i love you and miss you and never stop thinking about you. Fly high angel



Rebecca Cox writes [25th December 2018]:

Jase me and Knapp are absolutely gutted! To think we only saw you a couple of days before you passed away kills me! I wish there was something we could have done...guess god needed his angel back! We all are gutted and you can see how many peoples lives you touched! Miss you gummy!



Tiffany Ruscoe writes [22nd December 2018]:

The memories I hold are some of the best of my life. Going skipping with callums little trailor, Chan and me hiding round the corner whilst you went buy our lambrini thinking we were so cool cause our dad bought us booze! The talks the looks the hugs. You getting our carers tell us off and take us home if we got in a fight. Laughing with Callum watching you build your bloody computers. never putting the case back on the freeview box but you had it working showing me how make an Ariel with a metal ... [read more from Tiffany Ruscoe]



Karen B writes [4th January 2019]:

Jasey baby!! You was an amazing mate! Always thier when i needed ya! And now u left me heartbroken i look at u daily and a tear comes to my eye! Just wish i could talk to you one last time! Things would of been different! Till we meet again keep tootsie n timmy safe! Love you forevermore kaz



Mart Ruscoe writes [21st December 2018]:

Jase, we got in so much trouble as kids, we were so mischievous we got up to all sorts and carried on doing so for most our lives lol. But one thing ill never forget about you was the way you would go right out of your way so selflessly to help another person, you could be a miserable git one day then infect everyone around you with laughter the next day. Your missed by so many people and please rest knowing i am certainly one of those people. Fly high brother we will never forget you. Mart



Chantelle Ruscoe writes [20th December 2018]:

I love you and miss you allready



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Picture of Jason Ruscoe.
Picture of Jason Ruscoe.
Picture of Jason Ruscoe.
Picture of Jason Ruscoe.
Picture of Jason Ruscoe.
Picture of Jason Ruscoe.
Picture of Jason Ruscoe.
Picture of Jason Ruscoe.
Picture of Jason Ruscoe.
Picture of Jason Ruscoe.

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