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Picture of Lowry Smith.

Lowry{nee Evans}was born together with her twin sister Kathryn in Newport Mon.on Dec 15th 1933. Married to Alan Smith in Pontypool Mon.on Oct 6th 1956. Their first home was in Long Ashton where her children were born and raised. Daughter Sally was born on Nov 12th 1959 and son Ian on April 8th 1962. After residing in Long Ashton for 40 years she came to Trendlewood Way Nailsea on Alan's retirement in 1997. Sally is now married to Chris Roberts and Ian to Geraldine Ray. Ian and Geraldine's daughter Katie, is their only grandchild. After a long illness Lowry sadly passed away in the BRI on June 20th 2016 aged 82 years. A devoted wife, mother and grandmother she is very badly missed but many fond memories of a happy family life remain. Rest in peace my love you will never be forgotten. Alan.


Added by: Alan Smith on 21st June 2018.





Brian & Kathryn Tuck writes [24th June 2018]:

What a lovely picture of my twin sister Lowry and this is how I will always remember her.We were lucky tohave veach other for such a long time and kept in touch by telephone and visits to her homes in Long Ashton and Nailsea.Alan has been a wonderful caring husband and Sally and Chris and Ian and Geraldine and grand daughter Katie all loved her very much.



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Picture of Lowry Smith.