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Tecwyn was born on 3rd January 1932 in Glyn Ceiriog Nr Llangollen Clwyd. He attended school in Glyn Ceiriog during the war years when evacuees from Liverpool also attended the school. At the age of 14 he started work in Llangollen at an engineering firm. At the age of 16 he worked for the Forestry Commission at Llechredau, driving tractors and maintaining machinery. He met his first wife, Annie Mary Humphreys here and they married in 1954. His son, Selwyn, was born in 1956 and his daughter, Eirian, in 1958. In 1960 he started work at the Railway Yard in Oswestry repairing and maintaining steam engines and their rolling stock. The railway line and works were closed due to Beechings cuts and Tecwyn got a job working for Oswestry Council as a fitter/mechanic and lorry driver in the Corporation Yard. He also used to put out market stalls on a Tuesday night for the Wednesday market in the town, and collect them in again on the Wednesday night.

In August 1963 Tecwyn joined the Fire Service as a part time retained fireman and the family had a Fire bell installed in the hall at home. When the siren went at the Fire Station, the Fire bell used to go off in the house and Tecwyn used to get on his bike and cycle to the station for the call out. He was frequently the first man at the station and usually drove the fire engine. He had a good knowledge of the local area and usually knew how to get to the fire (in the days before Sat navs). He was involved in some major fires e.g. on the moors of the Berwyn Mountains during the hot summer of 1976 (fires broke out on a regular basis over a period of a few weeks); Morda workhouse - the workhouse was not saved but the fire was controlled overnight and eventually extinguished the next morning (I called to see him and found him at lunchtime completely covered in soot from smoke eating fish and chips in the back of a van); Woodside School - he told me the story about having to make a tunnel from spiralling a hose around so that two of his fire service colleagues could escape from the building as the fire had travelled in the insulation and had come down behind them preventing them from leaving the building. Tecwyn retired from the Fire Service in December 1985 and received the Queens medal for long service and good conduct.

His other passions were CB radio, his call name was Shropshire Lad, and he used to talk to people in Russia, Poland, all across Europe and South Africa, and he was always interested in their families, their work and the culture of their respective countries; caravanning - all over this country, staying in hotels, and a few holidays abroad.

In 2005 Tecwyn had a stroke and then developed dementia, eventually requiring permanent care in a residential nursing home. He passed away on 23rd June 2017.


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Picture of Arthur Tecwyn Roberts

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