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Picture of Bruce Manning.

Bruce became a retained Fire Fighter for what is now Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue in 1972. He completed his Fire Service Training in Reigate, Surrey in July 1974 to become a full-time Fire Fighter. He served for Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue Service, predominately at Dogsthorpe Fire Station, Peterborough but also had a spell at Huntingdon. At the time of retirement in October 2000 he had was Leading Fire Fighter and had received his long service and good conduct medal.

During this time he also continued his retained role for Lincolnshire Fire Service at Market Deeping Fire Station, retiring as Sub-Officer in October 1998.

Bruce continued to remain very active after his retirement. He sadly passed away in July 2017 and will be greatly missed by his family.


Added by: Mark Manning on 20th August 2017.





Sam Payne writes [27th July 2018]:

Thinking of Bruce, I often see quirky museums and galleries around London and think to myself that Bruce would have been there/know some funny story about it and definitely would know which bus or tube to get there... He's never far from our thoughts x



Steve Wick writes [26th June 2018]:

Only just found this on the net !

I moved away some years ago and lost touch, great bloke Bruce - took to him from my first day at Dogsthorpe in 1976

Can't remember a moment in his company I didn't enjoy

Regards to his family although a bit late




Mark Manning writes [2nd October 2017]:

Thank you to everyone for their donations to the Fire Fighers Charity in memory of Bruce.



David Jackson writes [23rd August 2017]:

I have known Bruce for more years than I care to remember,I also had the privilege of working for many years on the same watch as Bruce,he can only be described as a true gentleman & good friend to all who had the pleasure of knowing him,if there were more Bruce,s in this world today it would be a far better place to live.

Rest in peace Buddy.



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Picture of Bruce Manning.
Picture of Bruce Manning.
Picture of Bruce Manning.

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The  Firefighters Charity

Every year, thousands of fire fighters are injured whilst protecting the public. Every 30 seconds in the UK, fire fighters are called to an incident, putting their lives on the line, and often sustaining physical injuries whilst carrying out their duties. The Fire Fighters Charity is here for fire fighters during their times of need, and assists thousands of individuals every year, by providing pioneering treatment and support services.