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22550271/512869 Maj. QM "Spike" Bernard TD MInstRE.
Born 13th March 1935. Died 17th December 2015
Joined as a Boy A/T in Feb 1951-1954 (Harrogate 51A) and retired as Q MSI Signals in March 1975. Was also AI Electrician RE and B2 Field Engineer.
Served in the following units:
26 Assault Sqn. 1954-56, (Tech Tp) 175 IWT Sqn. AER 1956, (LCT4085) 17 Port Trg Regt. 1956-57, 1 Fortress Sqn. 1957-60, 50 Field Sqn. 1961-66, 2 Armoured Engineer Sqn. 1966-70, 4 Field Sqn. 1970, 2 Div Engineer Regt. 1970-71, 36 Engineer Regt. 1971-75 when he retired from regular service.

In April 1975 joined Specialist Units TA and served with 504 STRE (Power Station), 130 Field Sqn. RE as QM and then as OC 505 STRE (Engineer Procurement) until retiring February 1991 and was awarded the Territorial Decoration.

Proud to have served Her Majesty for 40 years in the Corp of Royal Engineers.

Founder Member and President of the REA Radio Branch, member of Medway and Armoured branches.


Added by: Neil Bernard on 30th December 2015.





Mark Brett writes [5th June 2021]:

My father William Brett is with me a d we were doing a Google search for "Spike'. My father has good memories of him and also had many a pint with him.
"Bill" was in 505 stre as some of his time in the Royal Engineers and RE reserve. "He was hard as nails but a nice bloke".



Stuart Dixon writes [10th February 2016]:

My Friend Spike.

We came together a few times during his Military Service mainly over a pint and the occasional dinner. He was one of a bunch of guys who you learn to respect through their giving approach and a common interest. As we both grew older this bond became stronger and new experiences were added to the mix. We concurred over our common interests and our families and how to get the best for them when they become vulnerable - and the world didn't seem so giving. I guess you would call ... [read more from Stuart Dixon]



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Picture of Maurice Bernard.

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