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When I think of Charles, I think about how the atmosphere lifted whenever he walked into the office. A warm, kind and generous soul I was always so pleased to see. You just knew the day ahead would be full of laughter. There was never a dull moment with Charles around. I don't know how he managed to get away with all his cheeky comments, but he always did and somehow the same old telephone joke never actually became old. You knew he was going to ask for the complaints department every...single...time.

I had the pleasure of working with Charles for over 10 years and I will sincerely miss our monthly catch ups and Xmas drinks - unlimited bubbles and afternoon tea to be precise, nothing but the finest for Mr Gubbins. He certainly knew how to enjoy life. It was such a treat and I loved getting to know him outside of work. Oh the giggles we had over a glass (or six) of champagne.

I'll be forever grateful to Charles for his support over the years. I have a lot to thank him for and will miss him greatly.

Added on: 18th October 2018



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