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I had worked with Charles for over 11 years and we would tour the UK together each year leading up to Christmas. We would regularly go for dinner and rate the hotels we stayed in the next day! In Bristol we had a yearly booking at a Chinese restaurant (that he would book) as he knew how much I loved the Hot and Sour soup! Then as long as he had sound to play his music clips and a Pepsi Max in hand he was ready to fascinate another room of delegates.

He would often teach me something new (probably about the place we were in) or even something technical/ accounting which however much he tried that just wouldn't stick! He would go out of his way to accommodate my dates or events and would work to my schedule if he could and without complaint.

He was a lovely man, a gentleman and a great friend with a kind soul. I will really miss him and the UK tour, just will not be the same without him.

Charles has left a (Charles shaped) hole in our working lives at ACCA and I am so grateful that I was able to work with him as long as I did. He will be truly missed.

I also wanted to add a selfie I forced him to take at the ACCA update conference but this was sadly on my previous phone.

Added on: 23rd October 2018



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