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Appreciation For Corbett Haselgrove Spurin By Former Student

I too remember Corbett - my first memory is of him cussing me out in a corridor during a short break on the first day of classes - I had asked about an upcoming test, to which he exclaimed how no student on the GDL had ever failed the test in the 20 years it had been running! Then a few days later he dissed my trainers in front of everyone and generally ribbed me over a period.

It was his playful nature (I finally caught onto that sense of humour everyone has spoken about) that I fondly remember and his impressive factual recall when it came to history - whether legal, political, or strange facts he probably shouldn't have known! His knowledge of equity and different periods of reigning monarchs was frightening!

I remember discussing the navy and mariners, the finer matters of junior criminal barristers and the present situation the criminal bar is in, to name but a few. These conversations were normally spontaneous by nature and took place outside the front doors of the Glamorgan law school as he quickly grabbed a cigarette between lectures! He would be sure to end the conversation on a fine note delivered with a sharp wit. I know that while he would dine he'd often find his lunch interrupted by keen students who wanted his opinion on something because of the value they placed on his wealth of knowledge - his dedication to ADR being recognised by across the globe.

Thanks Corbett.

Added on: 4 March 2009


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