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Edward Goldsmith, known as Ted sadly passed away 21st January 2012 aged 88. Ted joined the Fire Service in August 1946, serving first at Preston Circus, Brighton before continuing the rest of his career at Newhaven. The fire service and his family were his whole life. He was so proud of the first fire engine he drove - PN4119 which is now cared for at Amberley Museum and which he loved to visit.
A loving husband, father, grandfather and great grandfather missed so much by us all.


Added by: ALICE GOLDSMITH on 8 March 2012.




Sue Clark writes [26 December 2016]:

Dad still never far from our thoughts especially at Christmas your favourite time of the year, we will never stop waiting for that first call of the day to wish us Happy Christmas that always came from you. Love you and miss you as much as ever xx
Barry and Sue xxx



Maureen Spencer writes [28 December 2015]:

Dad, always in our thoughts especially at this special time of year that you loved so much. Your smile never far away . All our love, Maureen and Dave xxx



Sue Clark writes [28 December 2015]:

Ted miss you every single day. Love you still as much as ever. Alice xx



Sue Clark writes [28 December 2015]:

Dad, another Christmas has passed without you, another one you would have loved. We all still miss that early morning phone call that was so important to you Christmas morning. Love you Barry and Sue xx



Maureen Spencer writes [28 July 2015]:

Happy birthday dad xxx missing you as everxxx had another lovely holiday in Dartmouth and had our special meal at The Castle where we raised a glass to youxxx always in our heartsxxx



Sue Clark writes [26 December 2014]:

Yet another year without you Dad. You would have loved being with us all, as per usual a full and busy family day, still miss you just as much. All our love Barry and Sue xx



Alice Goldsmith writes [26 December 2014]:

Missing you more every day and our lovely chats together xxx
Love you always Alice xxx



Maureen Spencer writes [26 December 2014]:

Another Christmas without your smiling face dad, but always in our hearts and thoughts. We had a lovely day with all the family and with our newest addition, baby emilia - so that would make you a great great grandad. Xxx



Alice Goldsmith writes [24 January 2014]:

I have so many happy memories of our time together - miss you every day. All my love Alice x



Maureen Spencer writes [24 January 2014]:

Two years without you Dad, but the warmth of your love is still here with us. xxx Love Maureen & Dave xxx



Sue Clark writes [21 January 2014]:

Dad it's 2 years today since you were taken from us. We know you are still there watching and loving us, we still hear that chuckle! Missing you every day. All our love Sue & Barry xx



Maureen Spencer writes [25 December 2013]:

Today is a lovely bright sunny day just as you loved it Dad. This is our second Christmas without you and we will raise a glass to you with our dinner - we know you are here with us in spirit. Cheers Dad x We miss you loads. All our love Maureen and Dave x x x



Alice Goldsmith writes [25 December 2013]:

Missing you every day especially at Christmas which was so special to you.R.I.P. Your loving wife Alice. x



Sue Clark writes [25 December 2013]:

Dad you are never far from our thoughts but especially today, how you loved Christmas and how we miss that early morning call from you. All our love Sue & Barry xx



Sue Clark writes [27 July 2013]:

Dad - The day you were so excited to be planning, your 90th birthday. We will still make it a family celebration and we all raise our glasses to the best ever Dad, Grandad & Gramps. Love and miss you Sue & Barry xx



Maureen Spencer writes [27 July 2013]:

Another milestone Dad - you would have been ninety today and what a celebration it would have been. We will still all get together and raise a glass to you. Miss you as much as ever. Happy Birthday Dad x x x



Alice Goldsmith writes [27 July 2013]:

Today is your ninetieth birthday. R.I.P. Love Never Dies. Your loving wife Alice. x



Sue Clark writes [16 June 2013]:

Our second Fathers Day without you. Still miss you so much. love you Dad xx

Sue & Barry



Maureen Spencer writes [21 January 2013]:

A year on and missing you as always. You are never far from our thoughts and hearts. Wherever we go and whatever we do we know you are there with us. All our love Maureen and Dave xxx



Alice Goldsmith writes [21 January 2013]:

You left us a year today. Rest in peace. All my love Alice.



Sue Clark writes [21 January 2013]:

Dad its been a whole year since you were taken from us. A year of just memories, no new ones to add. A year of just imagining we can hear you laugh, it never took much to make you chuckle and a year of thinking we can still feel your hugs, you always made sure there plenty to go around. We were so lucky to have you as our Dad, think of you every single day and miss you every single day. Love You.
Barry & Sue



Maureen Spencer writes [25 December 2012]:

Dad - Christmas was very special to you. You were always first one up and loved every minute of the day. Thank you for so many lovely memories - we will treasure them for always. All our love, Maureen and Dave x x x



Alice Goldsmith writes [25 December 2012]:

This is the first Christmas wighout you but I have lovely memories of 65 with you. Always in my thoughts. Love You, Your Loving Wife Alice xxx



Sue Sclark writes [25 December 2012]:

Dad - our Christmases will never be the same but we are so lucky to have the wonderful memories of those shared with you. thinking of you as always

All our love Sue & Barry xx



Sue Clark writes [27 July 2012]:

Dad - always in our thoughts but especially today on your birthday. We will all do what you had planned - the whole family will get together and we will raise our glasses to the best husband,dad,grandand and gramps. With love today and every day from "Us All" x



Maureen Spencer writes [27 July 2012]:

Dad - Today would have been your 89th birthday and our first time without you here.
We miss you so very much and think of you every day.
Love always, Maureen x



Sue Clark writes [17 June 2012]:

On our first Fathers Day without you Dad. Still missed so much every day.

Love You Sue & Barry xx



Sue Clark writes [7 June 2012]:

Dad - Remembering your special day on this your 65th wedding anniversary.
Love Sue x



Alice Goldsmith writes [7 June 2012]:

Today is out 65th wedding anniversary.
Love you Alice X



Sue Clark writes [8 March 2012]:

Dad, missed each and every day. You were the best. I was so proud of you although I hated that bell that called you out to a fire when I was little. You would have been so honoured to know the fire service provided a guard of honour to see you off on your last shout. Love you Sue x



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Every year, thousands of fire fighters are injured whilst protecting the public. Every 30 seconds in the UK, fire fighters are called to an incident, putting their lives on the line, and often sustaining physical injuries whilst carrying out their duties. The Fire Fighters Charity is here for fire fighters during their times of need, and assists thousands of individuals every year, by providing pioneering treatment and support services.