Appreciation For Amarjit Gill By Jaggy Brah

Appreciation For Amarjit Gill By Jaggy Brah

Day of Funeral: Evergreen- Yes, Amarjit was singing the same song even when his soul was already in the heavens. Rain and High winds were forcasted for the 25th Oct, all I could think was that Heavens were going to cry for Amarjit- his departure is going to TOUCH ALL.
But, heavens behold, nature decided to be kind to us- the Sun shone brightly, it was a clear sunny , peaceful day...Until,at 4.00 pm, when we had washed the last dishes at the temple and we walked out to our cars....Heavens rumbled and grumbled and opened up with such powerful angry rain that if one believes (I do) it only meant one thing. This was then followed up with the heart-felt sunshine and the most colourful RAINBOW that did the full semi-circle and if that was not enough- there was another one above it.
Amarjit is happy- that is how I remember him.

Added on: 27th January 2012


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