Appreciation For Amarjit Gill By Pally Dhillon

Appreciation For Amarjit Gill By Pally Dhillon

Amarjit was my brother-in-law but more than that he was my best friend. With his loss, I feel as I have lost a significant part of me. It is really hitting me hard now realizing that he is not there and we have lost the connection. He was there next to me whenever I needed him most and was always a quiet pillar of strength that I could rely on.

We were friends for 40 years with mutual interests, golf, hockey, sports in general and family. We played hockey against each other in the 1960s and 1970s and then he introduced me to the game of golf and we played countless rounds all over the world. He was a fair competitor and always had a dry sense of humour that we both enjoyed.

His love for my daughters and grand children is something that we will all miss and will cherish. Life is finite but fortunately, we have so many fond memories with Amarjit and Manjit that we will relive over our life times.

Added on: 20th October 2011


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